868Mhz car Remote Signal Jammer Built-in Battery 30 - 100m Radius Coverage

제품 상세 정보:
원래 장소: 중국
브랜드 이름: Sacon
인증: ISO9001, CE, Rochs
모델 번호: SA-CJ01
결제 및 배송 조건:
최소 주문 수량: 1PCS
가격: negotiation
포장 세부 사항: PE 거품을 가진 판지
배달 시간: 지불 후에 2~3 일
지불 조건: L/C, D/P, T/T, 서부 동맹, paypal MoneyGram
공급 능력: 50000PCS/MONTH
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상세 정보

제품 이름: 차 먼 신호 차단제 회수: 868MHZ
범위를 움직이지 않게 하기: 감도에 30-100M @depends 동작 전압: DC9V (6F22)
작동 현재: 50mA 치수: 147×41×20MM (를 포함하여 안테나)
하이 라이트:

car remote signal blocker


high power signal jammer

제품 설명

868Mhz car Remote Signal Jammer Built-in Battery 30 - 100m Radius Coverage




This car remote signal jammer is for 868mhz frequency, 868mhz signal is also a frequency point used by commonly used remote control signals. It is commonly used for remote control doors, remote control of car doors, remote control bombs and remote drones. When you are troubled by these signals, you can choose this car remote blocker SA-CJ01. This jamming device can block 30-100m range when it is working. However, please be careful not to use this product when you close the door or when someone closes the door, because we are worried that your car has not been turned off.





1. Light weight, convenient for shipment; 

2. Built-in battery; 

3. 868Mhz frequency, jamming radius up to 100m; 





Operating voltage DC9V (6F22)
Working current 50mA
Operating frequency 868MHz
Coverage radius 30-100M
Dimensions 147×41×20MM (including antenna)
Colour Sliver



Using Instructions: 


Open the monitor battery cover and install the 9V battery. Pay attention to the positive and negative of the battery,after the battery is finished, turn the side power switch to on, the monitor is powered on, and press the front button,the blue indicator is on, the monitor emits a wireless signal of 868 MHz. Release the front button, the blue indicator turns off, and the monitor stops working. When using the pull rod antenna is the best when pulled out.





1. Turn off the side power switch when you are not using it for a long time or when you go out for a long time.

2. Please use in a suitable shielded environment, so as not to affect the use of effects.

3. Avoid exposure, rain, water droplets, long-term exposure to high temperature and humidity.

4.The effective range of the instrument is a circular area centered on the main unit. Therefore, when using it, be careful to select the correct position of the instrument so as not to produce a blind corner.

5.This product is sensitive to remote control products. It will shield the remote control signals such as electric cars, cars, remote control doors, access control, etc. Please use it rationally.



Packing Lists: 


Car Remote Signal Jammer x1pc 

Power adapter x1pc 


868Mhz car Remote Signal Jammer Built-in Battery 30 - 100m Radius Coverage 0

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